Standard SLA

The service level targets in this Schedule are only applicable to Hosting Services and Jonas Sports Retail Support and Maintenance Services.

The response times are only valid during the contracted Support Hours & for requests made by telephone.

Jonas Sports Retail cannot guarantee that response times will be met for requests made via the Helpdesk.

Priority LevelImpactDefinitionService Level Targets
ResponseFix / Workaround
CriticalCriticalTotal outage, all users unable to access the service(s).

Workaround not available.
60 minutes8 hours
High MajorOutage – majority of users affected.

Major functional area of the system is not available which causes a major business impact to a large group of users and a workaround is not available.
60 minutes12 hours
NormalSignificantPartial failure – not all users affected.

An area of the system, e.g. single module is not functioning correctly. Includes issues that have been temporarily fixed or bypassed or a workaround has been employed but where a permanent fix is still required.
240 minutes48 hours
LowMinorEnquiry, How To, Cosmetic issue, Request (e.g. New User).

No impact on production and implementation. Resolution can wait for a future release.
240 minutesNext upgrade of software

Defined Terms

ResponseDefined as proof that Jonas Sports Retail has logged the problem.
FixDefined as a permanent solution to a problem agreed with the Customer.
WorkaroundDefined as an interim solution to a problem to enable continuation of the Customer’s business.
PriorityA category used to identify the relative importance of an Incident, Problem or Change. Priority is based on Impact and Urgency and is used to identify required times for actions to be taken.
UrgencyA measure of how long it will be until an Incident, Problem or Change has a significant Impact on the Business. For example, a high Impact Incident may have low Urgency, if the Impact will not affect the Business until the end of the financial year. Impact and Urgency are used to assign Priority.
ImpactA measure of the effect of an Incident, Problem or Change on Business Processes. Impact is often based on how Service Levels will be affected. Impact and Urgency are used to assign Priority.