West Ham United Extend Long Term Partnership with Jonas Sports

Sam Nixon - January 10, 2024

Jonas Sports is excited to announce the extension of their long-term partnership with West Ham United FC, aimed at delivering a comprehensive omnichannel retail solution for the club and its devoted fan base.

Gavin Stanley, Head of Retail, emphasised, “Jonas Sports has consistently been a reliable partner, providing our club with an innovative and dependable solution for numerous years. We’re thrilled to continue our trust in Jonas Sports, especially after witnessing the unveiling of their ambitious roadmap during the annual user day. Their platform not only drives our retail operations but also facilitates valuable networking opportunities due to the multitude of clubs using the platform, enabling us to exchange best practices with over 50 professional sports clubs across the UK.”

Sam Nixon stated, “Securing a long-term commitment with the club is fantastic news, and I’m particularly thrilled that West Ham United has chosen us to maintain this essential software solution for their operations. Working alongside Gavin Stanley, kerry Boyer, and the entire team has been an absolute pleasure, and I couldn’t be happier!”

By Sam Nixon