Jonas Sports Year in Review

Jonas Sports - December 13, 2023

It’s been a busy year for us at Jonas Sports – We’ve had lots of updates to share with you along the way and now that 2023 is coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to look back at these achievements and developments in this year’s Jonas Sports roundup.

This year’s highlights:

  • User Day 2023: This year, we hosted our first-ever Jonas Sports Retail User Day
  • Oxford United Case Study: We had the opportunity to do a case study with Oxford United Football Club to explore how we helped them with our Jonas Sports Retail solution.
  • SymPOS GO: Since the launch of our mobile retail solution, SymPOS GO, it has gone live with a couple of clubs.
  • PowerBI: Power BI integrates information from multiple sources to provide insights – using our in-house consultant, we have created reports that provide the insight you require to optimise your retail performance.
  • Biggest Developments: This year has been a big year for developments and progressing through our roadmap, below we’ll outline our biggest updates and launches that came into effect this year.
  • Integrations: This year we have successfully integrated with Alvio, Channable, Despatch, Fourex, Mintsoft and Terrace. 
  • Webinars: We’ve held several important webinars this year, from quarterly roadmaps to how to set up your Black Friday promotions.

This year, we hosted our first-ever Jonas Sports Retail User Day! Several partners and clubs joined us at the CBS Arena, Coventry to network, share best practices and learn about our latest updates and upcoming plans in our roadmap presentation.

Partners that joined us at the user day:

We also had the opportunity to do a case study with Oxford United Football Club to explore how we help them with our Jonas Sports Retail solution which included their in-store tills, back office system and their e-commerce website. The club also started using our Auction Module, which allowed the club to auction off player memorabilia to help with off-season sales. You can watch the case study here.

Since the launch of our retail solution, SymPOS GO, it has gone live with Watford FC and Coventry City FC, providing them and their fans with a more streamlined in-store retail experience. The clubs have reported being very happy with the product and will continue to use SymPOS GO in their stores going forward.

We’re now able to build custom reports for your club using PowerBI. Power BI integrates information from multiple sources to provide the insight you require to optimise your retail performance. This gives you a complete overview to provide the ultimate insight which can be used for better decision-making and for creating stronger marketing campaigns.

Alvio Integration

Alvio directly connects your club shop with your partners in seconds for free. Import product listings and sell products directly through your club shop with all of the order information synced to your partner to fulfil directly to your customer.

Channable Integration

Channable is a fully integrated way to market your products online, providing the solutions you need for greater visibility, smarter ad campaigns, and more.

Despatch Cloud Integration

Despatch Cloud connects to a wide range of couriers.

Fourex Integration

Fourex Group is a UK based group of teamwear, apparel and accessories brands with over 10 years’ experience working with professional, semi-professional and grassroots sporting institutions.

Mintsoft Integration via Airbox – Order Fulfillment Software

Cloud-based order fulfilment software for online retailers, warehouses and 3PLs looking to stay ahead of the increasing demands of e-commerce and multichannel selling.

Terrace Integration

Terrace provides a wide variety personalised products, along with fulfilment associated with the items sold, directly within your store

This year has been a big year for developments, and here are the major updates and launches that came into effect:

Paperless Warehouse
We introduced Paperless Warehousing to our customers earlier this year, which eliminates the need for paper receipts while also streamlining and offering an eco-friendly solution to the pick-and-pack process

Backoffice V2
We redesigned our back office system for a more efficient, more user-friendly experience.

Bulk Promo
We added the ability to create and delete promotion codes in bulk so that clubs could be able to generate a large number of promo codes.

Catalogue File Maintenance Revamp with ‘Drag-and-Drop’
This section was revamped for a clearer layout and enhanced user experience, equipped with product labels and a quick search filter. Additionally, the new ‘Bulk Upload’ feature enables clubs to add several images at once and easily arrange them using drag-and-drop.

Ranking Maintenance revamp with options to Bulk Product Import into the Department
The updated interface automatically removed old or outdated products from the web department and ranked new or unranked items. It also streamlined the process of adding products to a web department and offered an easy removal method through the ranking maintenance program. This change also means that you can bulk important products into various departments.

GA4 Tracking
Google Analytics 4 is an analytics service that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites. You can set up e-commerce events to collect information about the shopping behaviour of your users

Thank you for taking the time to read through our 2023 roundup and we look forward to continue working with you in the new year.

By Jonas Sports