Jonas Sports Introduces Paperless Warehousing

Jonas Sports - June 5, 2023

Are you looking to streamline your warehousing ‘pick and pack’ process? We understand that order fulfilment can be time-consuming and often overwhelming, especially when it comes to keeping up with countless paper order receipts.

While the current manual ‘pick and pack’ process gets the job done, a more efficient and accurate option is needed. This is why we have made paper receipts a thing of the past by introducing our new, Paperless Warehousing system.

Our system includes a scanner which eliminates the need for printed paper receipts. Multiple orders can be fulfilled at once, picked by your warehouse team using a coded trolley whilst utilising walk sequences and bin locations – making the process quicker and more efficient. The scanner also reduces the need for the despatchers to rescan items, further streamlining operations.

Additionally, the system is designed to spot any mistakes easily with its immediate error notifications. This significantly reduces the number of incorrect or missing orders that could otherwise happen through human error.

Another great benefit of Paperless Warehousing is the positive effect it has on the environment. Since there is no need for paper receipts for confirmation, there will be less paper waste generated from your warehouses.

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By Jonas Sports