Add a Feedonomics integration to your online sports retail store

Add a Feedonomics integration to your online store

Jonas Sports - October 14, 2020

Jonas Sports Retail are pleased to announce their extended partnership with Feedonomics

Feedonomics is a full service solution that enables your business to optimise and list products on hundreds of channels, such as Amazon, Google Shopping Actions, eBay, Fuggo, Facebook and Instagram. With 55% of new product searches originating on Amazon and 92% of users who start on Amazon, purchasing on Amazon, it is critical that we don’t ignore these marketplaces.

Working closely with Feedonomics, Jonas Sports Retail customers can list their products on 3rd party marketplaces with orders processed directly to the back office, in real time.

The Feedonomics solutions ensures that you control the most important product attributes and provides a dashboard to show you all your marketplace orders.

In today’s challenging climate, we are seeing online retail sales accelerating compared to more traditional channels. We strive to offer our customers innovative ways to boost revenues. Our partnership with Feedonomics provides an easy to manage solution whilst providing a new revenue stream.

If you’d like more information, and to see how adding Feedonomics to your online store can increase your sales, get in touch.

“We are always looking for new opportunities to further our reach to new markets and Feedonomics allows us to do just that. The service works seamlessly with our retail system from R&SS and with minimal management we continually see revenues to be on the up.”

Matt Jeffrey, 3 Retro

By Jonas Sports