Football in a Post-Covid World

Football in a Post-Covid World

Jonas Sports - September 4, 2020

Sam Nixon of Jonas Sports had a Q&A with FC Business Magazine this month, looking at how Jonas Sports can help football clubs prepare and manage during and after the pandemic.

He discusses the effects of the disruption on football clubs and how they can look to recover revenues and grow as football returns back to normal. Sam speaks about the importance of making stronger connections with fans, using that data to understand fans’ behaviours and motivations and how to welcome them back to stadiums.

He also describes how Jonas Sports can help decision makers understand what’s happening in both the physical and digital worlds. Sam explains how our ‘best-of-breed’ industry leading individual solutions and the centralised reporting dashboard combine for that ‘helicopter view’ that helps clubs make the important decisions needed to successfully run their football club and grow revenues.

The full article is available in the latest edition of FC Business Magazine, and online here.

By Jonas Sports