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How Oxford United use Jonas Sports' user-friendly, omni-channel retail solution

Jonas Sports Retail is our comprehensive, cost-effective, omnichannel retail solution that helps sports clubs optimise and drive their sales. 1 in 3 of the English professional football pyramid use and trust Jonas Sports Retail.

What makes our solution particularly convenient for our clients is its flexibility. As a fully scalable and integrated retail system, our solution can work for clubs of any size and offers over 50 different integrations to make streamlining sales easier than ever.

We recently filmed a case study with Oxford United, who’ve used our retail solution for some time, to see how our system has helped their club’s sales.

About the Club

Oxford Utd is a professional football club, currently playing in League 1. Jonas Sports has been working with the club for over 8 years, providing them with our omni-channel sports retail solution.

The Challenge

Oxford Utd’s previous systems were dated and not quite what the club needed, with a lot of the retail features not included in the tills, which made it inconvenient to use day-to-day. After deciding to look for better solutions elsewhere, they came across Jonas Sports.

The Solution

We provided Oxford Utd with our Jonas Sports Retail solution which included their in-store tills, back office system and their e-commerce website. All these features were fully integrated so each member of the Oxford Utd store team could check stock numbers in real-time and on various devices. Our robust system deals with demand, which helped Oxford Utd manage the flow of purchases online and on matchday while giving them valuable insights into the data. This lets the club see how well their retail operation is performing and what needs improvement.

Since Oxford Utd joined in 2015, they’ve reaped the rewards of all the improvements that have been made to the retail system and have integrated their online store with the Auction Module. This allowed them to auction off player items like signed shirts directly to their fans from the e-commerce site.

As part of our solution, we offer excellent customer support through a help portal, as well as training and user days. Our goal is to ensure clubs like Oxford Utd know how to easily navigate our system and Cameron Buck, the retail store manager, noted how his favourite feature of the system is the ease of use. Should there be any issues, then Oxford Utd could also raise a ticket or call our team at any time if they need assistance with our system and get a speedy resolution.


Jonas Sports Retail gave the Oxford Utd store the ease of use that it needed, specifically with its tills. Our omnichannel integrated solution not only lets the in-store team view data across multiple platforms but also customise their till layout using the back office, making it much more user-friendly.

The club’s website and online store are integrated with the physical location, streamlining sales management for Cameron and his team across all platforms.

Since the pandemic, Oxford Utd’s website has become a significant part of its revenue stream since a large amount of their sales are made online. Therefore, providing Oxford Utd with an online store that is fully responsive and integrated made it easier for the club to optimise and manage online sales.

Our Auction module has and continues to help the club sell player memorabilia to boost sales during the off-season as well as increase fan engagement.

What they said

We signed up with Jonas Sports 8 years ago now and we haven't looked back since. The integrated system is great, it means I can check stock numbers from the office while someone else could be checking in the stockroom, and they're all aligned. The step forward with having this integrated with our website is huge.

Cameron Buck
Retail Store Manager, Oxford United FC

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