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Case Study

The Problem

In preparation for the 2019/20 Season Ticket Launch Campaign, we analysed insight recommendations regarding Aston Villa’s fanbase. They had the following objectives:

Current Customer Base

Including geo-demographic, distance, age, stand, product type and years a Season Ticket has been held by a contact. The objective was to understand different fan groups to segment and publish highly targeted campaigns.

Churn & Renewal rates

Churn and renewal rates split by geo-demographic, distance, age, stand, product type and years a Season Ticket has been held, price and purchase method. The insight specifically focused on how tenure and products may impact renewal rates.

Our Solution

Aston Villa applied the findings to create a detailed and highly segmented email marketing strategy which was largely based upon affluence and loyalty.

Aston Villa utilised the Jonas Sports Data Hub to identify the key segments, send the campaigns and monitor results.

The launch campaign included 6 key messages across 24 communications, each to different audiences.

The Jonas Sports Data Hub includes audience rules which allowed Aston Villa to quickly and effectively build the required fan segments.

There was a 24% increase YOY in Ticket Sales within the Early Bird window for season tickets.

The 19/20 Season Ticket Campaign saw a record number of re-engaged lapsed fans.

Villa beat their target of new season ticket holders for the 19/20 season by more than 300%.


Jonas Sports created and delivered an Season Ticket insight project that would ultimately help shape Aston Villa’s email marketing strategy for the 2019/20 Season Ticket Campaign.

Insight – data driven decision making

The insight created an overview of some of the typical Aston Villa Season Ticket Holders and this allowed us to see key trends in fan behaviour. The analysis included:

  • At risk renewals based on attendance
  • Key demographic data vs last season
  • Loyalty segments
  • Stand migration
  • Fan profile by stand

The findings provided some interesting, unseen metrics which were utilised by Aston Villa’s marketing team and directly applied to shape their upcoming strategy. This was adopted by the wider business to support further strategic decisions.

What They Said

Aston Villa launched a new data driven customer centric approach to Season Ticket Renewals. This allowed us to build a better understanding of our fans, ensuring that emails were delivered to the right fan with the right message, leading to an uplift in sales of 24% year on year.

Nicola Ibbetson
Aston Villa / Chief Commercial Officer

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